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Essential Goods and Services in Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. We are fully certified to operate during the national lockdown period.
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video surveillance
Our video surveillance solutions are utilized in rental, commercial and industrial markets from general surveillance to license plate recognition (LPR), Point of Sale (POS) integration and stadium security applications. We are product agnostic with a wide range of Network Video (Internet Protocol) CCTV solutions, from best of breed to value for money products to suit your budget and requirements. Our solutions range from a 1 camera people counting system to a state of the art 700 IP camera video surveillance solution. We tailor-make solutions best for you.
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EAS systems are designed to help you increase sales and profits by reducing theft and shrinkage in a retail environment. EAS systems allow for merchandise movement to be monitored. EAS systems consist of detection systems, labels, hard and soft tags, deactivators and detachers. Our high quality systems have a proven track record with high pick rates at very competitive prices.
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We supply and install High quality, studio-grade audio equipment
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outsourced monitoring
We provide on site monitoring ensuring your assets and staff are being monitored in your absence. On site monitoring staff ensures immediate response to identified incidents of theft, procedural breaches, health and safety risks as well as access control violations. These staff are recruited, trained and managed by TVMS as independent staff. Off site monitoring is ideal for the rental, commercial and industrial applications. We provide retail monitoring, people counting, event triggered monitoring, virtual guard tours, transaction auditing and virtual access control.
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intrusion detection
A wide range of detail, commercial and industrial intrusion detection systems are available. These range from traditional alarm systems to highly specialized fiber, beams and thermal imaging solutions all of which can be monitored on site and remotely with the relevant response required. We have assisted in design and own a revolutionary anti cable theft device that trigger a GPS alarm on tampering of cable.
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access control
Whether it’s 1 door or 3000 doors you need to manage, we supply, install and manage class leading hardware and systems. From Biometric, Proximity, RFID and touch screen technology to a combination that incorporates Time and Attendance sotfware for payroll efficiencies and savings, we have an access control solution just for you
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Intelligent Video Analysis
Fullhouse is the provider of international leading open architecture video analytic software that may be deployed in a variety of security, safety, business intelligent and retail applications.  Our advanced video analytics capabilities enable true leveraging of your surveillance network, transforming it into an intelligent tool that responds to the challenges of the 21st century. From counting customers, vehicles, measuring dwell times to advanced behavior analysis with track and trace abilities, we provide you with automated critical information at your fingertips anywhere anytime.
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preventative maintenance
With each new installation good maintenance is best practice. We tailor-make a plan to suit you, from monthly, bimonthly or even just quarterly. This maintenance ensures that your security technology is maintained to world class standards and is ready to perform at all times when needed. With your maintenance agreement, free software of firmware upgrades, trends and latest technology innovations are always at your fingertips through our knowledgeable maintenance crews and subscriber base.
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integrated technology
With all these disciplines it’s often wondered how all of these will be effectively managed and if so at all.   As certified integrators of technologies ranging from CCTV, intrusion, access control as described in our offerings to complete BMS (Building Management Systems) and HVAC, enabling your building to be smart and energy efficient we give you the dashboard to not only manage it effectively but give you the maximum return on your original investment.
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ICT Infrastructure
Surrender your fear of the 4th industrial revolution. Digitisation and the encapsulation of a myriad of technologies seamlessly for a better life for all, customers, employees contractors and partners. With the comprehensive list of services and products at our disposal we will add value to your business by carefully navigating and equipping you to be at the forefront of the greatest leap in technology ever.

Networking, Data Storage, IT Hardware, Software, Data Protection, Cloud Solutions, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Managed Services
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